We request 7-10 days notice to make all of the cakes in this gallery, 3 full business days for cookies & cupcakes. All cookies and cupcake designs are subject to a minimum of 12 per design.

Please place your order as soon as you can. Some weeks we may cut off orders earlier, this may vary based on the custom designs from week to week.

cross cupcake cake

cross cupcake cake $70

cupcake love

cupcake love $28

Cupcake Love Polka Dots

Cupcake Love Polka Dots $33

Cupcake Love rosettes

Cupcake Love rosettes $28

dress cupcake cake $83

dress cupcake cake $83

smash cupcake

smash cupcake $6

stroller cupcake cake

stroller cupcake cake $75 (24 cupcakes)