What is a French Macaron?

Posted on: June 11, 2015
Tags: Monthly News, Holiday, cafe, midwest, afternoon tea, Cincinnati, tradition

What exactly is a French Macaron you say? They are little pieces of heaven! Known to be a French staple and can be found at most Patisseries. Here, in the U.S. they continue to grow in popularity. Many bakeries in Cincinnati are now adding them to their repertoire. They are one of the more challenging European specialties that one could master. The meringue is what makes the cookie uniques. The perfect one has a delicately crisp shell, and a deliciously chewy center. These perfect little cookie can then be filled with preserves, jam, caramel, ganache and even buttercream. Here at the BonBonerie we have left this craft up to our talented pastry chef Slava. Some of Slava's creations this month are passion fruit, Matcha Tea, Rose tea, raspberry marshmallow and vanilla latte. Stop by to try one for the first time or if you are already a lover of all things Macaron, give ours a try. We think you will agree that they will transport you to the sweetest little Patisserie in Paris.

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