What's behind a name?

Posted on: January 29, 2015
Tags: Monthly News, midwest, Cincinnati, tradition, holidays

Did you ever wonder where some of the names came for some of our pastries? Well the wind cookie is one of my favorites . My Aunt Rea used to cook for St. Lawrence school in Price Hill. A function of her job was to use every part part of every bit of food. So egg whites left from custard created an opportunity for an ingredient to be used.
Occasionally we would come over to visit her home. She would tell me as we arrived (as I have always had a sweet tooth) that I should take a look in the oven as there were some wind cookies in there. As I opened up her oven I would see those white mounds of airy sugar clouds. It was obvious why she had named them wind cookies as they looked as if they could float off the brown paper bags she had baked them on and land right on my hand. I never forgot that pastry poetry. She was so practical and I know she never considered the magic in her choice of words but, I still smile and think of her when one of you say ” And I would like a wind cookie too. “

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