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$2.00 Cup of Tea
$3.75 Small Pot
$4.75 Large Pot
$3.00 Loose Tea by the Ounce

Tea table

Black Teas

Black teas are fermented teas. The leaves are rolled to break up the leaf cells and a natural oxidation process begins turning the tea black.

BonBonerie Blends 
Our own special black blend with a hint of vanilla. 

Madison Road 
Our hearty and malty blend of Assam and Kenyan black teas. A good breakfast or mealtime tea, it holds up well to the  addition of milk.

Morning Buzz
This organic tea from the Assam region on India is known around the world for it's full bodied flavor.

Cherry Blossom
Sri Lankan black tea flavored with natural cherry flavors, sweetened cranberries, blackberry leaves and rose petals.

Ginger Peach 
Sri Lankan black tea with dried peaches and dried ginger.

Darjeeling Autumnal Grown 
in the foothills of the Himalayas, the high altitude develops its characteristic muscatel flavor.

Bengal Tiger Chai 
This is the real thing. A rich Indian black tea with cinnamon and cardamom. This is the national drink of India. Serve with milk and sugar. 

Spiced Orange 
China black tea blended with cinnamon sticks, citrus peel and slices. 

Black Currant 
China black tea with natural black currant flavor. 

Earl Grey
The world’s most famous flavored black tea, delicately balanced with oil of bergamot and enhanced with cornflower petals. 

English Breakfast 
A traditional blend of rich, black Keemum teas from China. A great way to start your day.

Apricot Afternoon
Sri Lankan black tea, dried apricot, dried papaya, blackberry and lime leaves are blended with calendula and sunflower petals.

China Rose Petal 
Black tea with rose hips and rose petals, a delicate, sweet aroma with a full flavor.

Oolong Tea

Oolong teas are only partially oxidized, retaining properties of green tea while capturing the depths of black tea

Ti Kwan Yin Oolong 
A classic and well respected rolled Chinese oolong that yields several infusions.

White Tea

White tea is the most delicate of all teas. Production consists of only two steps, steaming and drying. White tea is appreciated for its unmatched subtlety, complexity and natural sweetness. 

Silver Needles 
Harvested in the early spring and covered with silver-white hairs, it brews a light golden infusion with a savory aroma.

Mango White 
Chinese bai mudan white tea enhanced with mangos.

Green Tea

Green tea is unfermented tea. It is immediately heated to arrest the fermentation process, rolled, then dried.

Cherry Rose Green 
Japanese sencha blended with rose petals andcherries- all the flavors and aromas of a spring orchard!

Jasmine Green 
Lightly-oxidized tea blended with jasmineblossoms. A wonderfully fragrant afternoon or after-dinner tea.

Serene Green 
A blend of sencha green tea, chamomile, lemongrass and peppermint.

Reiki blend
Reiki is a Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation that also promotes healing. Contains sencha green tea, ginger root, saffron, orange peel, fennel, clove, cardamon, cinnamon, safflower, tulsi ( holy basil) and licorice root.

Yoga Blend
A soothing blend of 80% ayurvedic herbs and 20% Japanese green tea is just the right accompaniment to your yoga routine. Contains tulsi (holy basil), chrysanthemum blossoms, saffron, marigold petals, green cardamom, hibiscus, peppermint, sarsaparilla, raspberry leaves, lemon and peach natural flavors, and sencha green tea. Low caffeine.


An herbal tea, or tisane, is an herbal or plant infusion and usually not made from the leaves of the tea bush.

Composed entirely of dried strawberries, kiwi and other fruits and flowers. No caffeine.

Composed only of perfectly formed Egyptian chamomile flowers with a deep, soothing aroma. No Caffeine.

Grown in the Cascade Mountains, this herbal has a brisk, awakening aroma and flavor. Pure dried peppermint and no caffeine.

Ruby Chai
Rooibos tea and a sultry blend of cloves, nutmeg, cinnamon, ginger and cardamom form this smooth and spicy alternative chai tea.

We also serve afternoon tea with at least a 24-hr reservation. The Café and our tearoom can be rented for private parties and events, including children's parties. We also can cater larger parties at your home or office. Contact The Café at 513.321.3399 #3 for more information.