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April Cake Specials

Opera Cream Torte 
Chocolate Kisses Torte
Raspberry & Roses Torte
Lemon Daffodil Torte
Carrot Cake 

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Custom Cakes 

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Spring Fun!

Hand decorated fresh butter cookies.

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Tearoom & Cafe

Visit The Café for bakery favorites, fresh salads, soups, sandwiches and quiches.

Cafe and Tearoom Hours:
Mon-Sat  7:30 am – 5:30 pm
Sun   Closed

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One of a kind 
Wedding Creations

 No other bakery in town will taste like ours. At The BonBonerie everything is freshly made from original recipes with the same high quality ingredients you would use if you made them yourself. Real Madagascar vanilla, heavy whipping cream, fresh butter, Belgian chocolates, fresh eggs and cane sugar-nothing artificial at all!

BonBonerie News

Confessions of a Bakery Tourist

Whenever and wherever I travel I am compelled to seek out pastry shops and bakeries. We will be on our way to a play or museum and if I pass a bakery, I will turn to my husband and say, “I will just be a minute.”. Then I will run over to take a peek and often purchase something. I will usually drag that box or bag around for the rest of the day, or until we consume it. Our hotel room read more …

The UnBirthday

There were many reasons to celebrate. My sister Maureen had sold her house, my 91 year old Mother had been released from the hospital after 4 months and had moved back to her apartment, and it was Maureen’s birthday. I had sent out email invitations to my brother and his wife, Maureen’s friend Laurel, her son Iain and his 2 sons, her daughter’s husband Dan since her daughter read more …