Raspberry Chantilly Torte Shark Attack! Labor Day Celebration Trillium

September Cake Specials

Opera Cream Torte 
Paris Night Jewel
Raspberry Chantilly Torte
All American Cheesecake
Carrot Cake 

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Labor Day Celebrations!!

Hand decorated fresh butter cookies.

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Tearoom & Cafe

Visit The Café for bakery favorites, fresh salads, soups, sandwiches and quiches.

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Mon-Sat  7:30 am – 5:30 pm
Sun   Closed

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One of a kind 
Wedding Creations

 No other bakery in town will taste like ours. At The BonBonerie everything is freshly made from original recipes with the same high quality ingredients you would use if you made them yourself. Real Madagascar vanilla, heavy whipping cream, fresh butter, Belgian chocolates, fresh eggs and cane sugar-nothing artificial at all!

Picture provided by Mud Goddess Photography

BonBonerie News

Coney Island??

Today Erin Powell, one of our service people at the counter , had a customer  inquire if there was a story behind the Coney Island heart cookie. She had ordered many dozen of them for a party she was throwing. It made me smile to think that someone was curious.             There are actually two stories going on with the Coney Island read more …

You may faint...

Tiramisu ….. People swoon over the idea. But I do believe that our tiramisu may make you faint. In Italy, it is a compliment to say something tastes exactly as it was made 100 years ago. No changes, no personal inspiration. In this instance I think that is why you will  enjoy this wonderful dessert. I give all the credit to Lisa Lanzalotta, who worked here for many years. She shared read more …