All of our wedding cakes begin at $4.95 per person.

Fresh fruit, preserves, and your decor may effect your per person price. Delivery is a separate fee based on the location. Please speak with your wedding consultant for more details.


Chocolate Latte

A dark chocolate cake is filled with white chocolate Parisian cream enhanced with the essence of coffee.

Chocolate Raspberry Romance
A new version of chocolate and raspberry. Our dark chocolate cake is filled raspberry puree folded into our white chocolate Parisian cream filling.

Chocolate Rhapsody
This lovely deep dark chocolate cake is filled with a velvety deep chocolate Parisian cream.

Opera Cream
Our signature creation, this double chocolate chip cake is filled with a rich opera filling, a perfect union of vanilla and chocolate.

Salted Caramel

Thin layers of our house made caramel lay between our chocolate Parisian Cream and a moist chocolate cake.


Amaretto Cream
A favored European taste, this almond buttercream cream filling is a perfect combination with our genoise.

Carrot Cake
Nothing is added to detract from the flavor of this award winning carrot cake. Carrots, fresh spices and a delectable cream cheese frosting are the perfect marriage

Lemon Romance
Our white cake filled with a tantalizing sweet and tart Parisian Cream.

Pistachio Cream

White butter cake filled with our nutty pistachio cream.

Raspberry Romance
white cake with raspberry puree folded into our white chocolate Parisian cream.

Strawberry and Cream
White cake filled with our strawberry Parisian cream.

Citrus Moon
genoise filled with our bright tasting tangerine buttercream

White Chocolate Romance
One of our most requested wedding cakes, these cake layers are filled with a white chocolate whipped cream we call Parisienne Cream. With or without the addition of fresh raspberries or preserves, this torte has pleased many a wedding table.

Please note that Parisian cream is also called ganache, a rich filling made from cream and chocolate.