March Cake Menu

Menu begins Monday March 2nd

Opera Cream Torte

Opera Cream

For over thirty years, this has been our signature cake. This double chocolate chip cake is filled and iced with our rich vanilla opera cream filling. The layers are enrobed with a rich chocolate glaze and decorated with Belgian chocolate shavings. We elegantly garnish the torte with white chocolate buttercream rosettes and hand-cut white chocolate diamonds.


6” serves 6−10, $28                       9” serves 14−20, $52


Carrot Cake

Carrot Cake

Our carrot cake adheres to what we think is the best version of a classic. Pure and simple, the cake itself is made with fresh carrots. There are no  raisins or pineapple to confuse your palate. We fill and frost it with our perfect cream cheese frosting while we generously coat the sides with fresh walnuts. Carrot Cake, BonBonerie style!

6" Serves 6-10, $26      9" Serves 14-20, $44

heavenly mint

Heavenly Mint

The Chocolate Mint is a lovely chocolate experience. Our moist chocolate cake is filled and surrounded with a delicate minted fresh whipped cream based filling with a sprinkling of chocolate cookie crumbs. To finish the outside we coat the sides with chocolate cookie crumbs too and cover the top with a thin dark chocolate glaze . It’s like biting into a cloud of your favorite chocolate mint cookie. 

6" serves 6-10 $28 9" serves 14-20 $52


Raspberry Chantilly Torte

Nothing says “special party” like berries and fresh cream. Our chantilly cream is fresh whipped cream married to white chocolate, which adds a deep layer of vanilla when it is folded into to our raspberry puree. Each layer of our delicate chiffon cake is filled with chantilly cream, and white chocolate buttercream surrounds the torte. This cake is ready for a party!


6" to serve 6-10 $28                 9" to serve 14-20 $52