October Cake Flavors

Menu begins October 2nd


Opera Cream Torte

For over thirty years, this has been our signature cake. This double chocolate chip cake is filled and iced with our rich vanilla opera cream filling. The layers are enrobed with a rich chocolate glaze and decorated with Belgian chocolate shavings. We elegantly garnish the torte with white chocolate buttercream rosettes and hand-cut white chocolate diamonds.

6” serves 6−10, $32  •  9” serves 14−20, $56

By the slice: $4.95


Carrot Cake

Our carrot cake adheres to what we think is the best version of a classic. Pure and simple, the cake itself is made with fresh carrots. There are no raisins, or pineapple to confuse your palate. We fill and frost it with our perfect cream cheese frosting while we generously coat the sides with fresh walnuts. Carrot Cake, BonBonerie style!

6” serves 6−10, $30  •  9” serves 14−20, $52

By the slice: $4.95

rasp chantilly

Raspberry Marley

Our delicate butter sponge cake is filled with fresh vanilla whipped cream swirled with bright raspberry coulis. Rasberry buttercream surrounds the cake and the top is then finished with raspberry moon glaze. Handmade raspberries and flowers make it a great addition to all of your special occasions this fall.

6" serves 6-10 $34 • 9' serves 14-20 $58

By the slice: $5.25


Pumpkin Cheesecake

Our gingersnap crust compliments the spiciness of the classic pumpkin cream cheese filling. A tasty way to celebrate the change of the seasons.

6” serves 6−10, $30  •  9” serves 14−20, $54

By the slice: $4.95

Bump in the night

Bump in the Night

available October 25th

A rich chocolate cake coupled with a vanilla marshmallow filling, and topped with a monster vanilla bean cream puff. A chocolate marquis glaze covers the confection, which is decorated with chocolate bark and a pair of sinister eyes peeking out!

  serves 6-8 $32