16 Reasons I Love Easter

April 5, 2015
16 Reasons I Love Easter

It has always been my favorite holiday.


  1. It always means spring, no matter what date it falls on.
  2. Easter egg hunts, which I have coerced my 22 year old son to still hunt for the eggs I hid when he came home from college.
  3. Coloring hard boiled eggs with reluctant family and friends. I even enjoyed the smell of vinegar that helped the color of the eggs to set.
  4. As a young girl, purchasing pastel ducks and chicks for Easter from Woolworths. Then trying to raise them in your back yard.
  5. Coconut Cakes in the shape of lambs and bunnies.
  6. Beautiful fatty pork roast for Easter dinner in late afternoon with maiden Aunts Rea, Gert and Marg.
  7. Any type of Easter baskets with pastel cellophane grass.
  8. White Chocolate…….MMmmmmm!!!!!! It was only available at Easter when I was a girl.
  9. Easter Sunday. Church with all that celebratory music and those white lilies.
  10. Black jelly beans.
  11. Foil covered opera cream eggs
  12. All the shapes and sizes of chocolate bunnies, ducks, chicks and eggs.
  13. Wearing a hat or headband with silk flowers festooned about the top.
  14. The color and feel of spring grass.
  15. The beautiful and short lives of crocuses, daffodils and tulips
  16. The BonBonerie’s delectable COCONUT CAKE made just for Easter.



Sharon Butler