Animal Crackers

July 27, 2017
Animal Crackers

Travel shakes up imaginations. I had the serendipitous luck to eat at inspirationally tiny restaurant this spring having arrived too early to get into our hotel room that was around the corner. My husband and I were looking for breakfast after a redeye flight and the proprietor let us know that they only serve lunch, but we were welcome to have a seat at the window and they would be happy to serve us lunch a bit early. We looked on the chalkboard menu which had 3 selections; the ten salad plate, the five salad plate with soup and quiche with a green salad along with fresh squeezed juices and teas. We made identical menu selections and soon the most glorious plate of ten different salads arrived with an adorable rabbit shaped cracker perched on top of the pate. This improbably beautiful presentation startled Karl and I out of our sleepy daze and we perked up with delight.

            I am keenly aware of how important details are to creating small but meaningful joy in our daily lives. At Aglamesis, one of my favorite ice-cream and candy shops in the city, they always slipped two simple daisy shaped cookies on the straws of their milkshakes. I loved that touch and looked forward to that exclamation point that accompanied my luscious milkshake.

            The beauty of being a scratch bakery is that we are able to make anything we dream up if its in the realm of pastry ingredients, so when I arrived back from my travels I decided we should try to make our own savory animal cracker to serve with lunches in the Cafe.

Seth, our savory specialist worked on perfecting a recipe for a great cracker and last week we served both the blue cheese and the cheddar in all manner of animal shapes to see if we too could add a glimmer of joy to your experience  at The BonBonerie.


Sharon Butler