Autumn Love

October 31, 2022
Caramel Apple Cake
Caramel Apple Cake

I’ve missed you. I’ve been running from event to event making up for covid-lost-time going to weddings, showers and birthday parties just like all of you. I am relieved to finally slow down this week. I am presently sitting at my kitchen table with a cup of hot cider gazing out the window towards the yellow glow the fallen leaves create on my patio. When my son went to college, my husband and I began to travel this time of year. Hotel prices were better, and it was less crowded in October. But after regularly vacationing in Autumn, I began to yearn to be home this time of year instead.


I attended my niece’s wedding in glorious Carmel, California last month, but not even the roar of the Pacific Ocean or the swaying of the giant eucalyptus trees could make me forget what I might be missing in my own back yard. I love how the trees appear to be lit from within. I love the swish and crunch of fallen leaves as I walk to my car. I love the spectacular golden light that pours into my kitchen. When my brother Peter moved to Carmel decades ago, I sent him a box of fallen leaves. I imagined how homesick he must have been for October in Cincinnati.  As kids we used to have so much fun raking, then jumping into piles of buckeye and oak leaves, cutting up jack-o-lanterns and climbing out on the roof to empty the gutters of leaves much to our Mother’s delight.


Another thrill of autumn appears on our menu. From pumpkin cheesecakes, lemon gingerbread owls to caramel apple cake and Boo cups, it’s difficult for me to choose a favorite. I encourage you to take a walk, sit at a table in our garden and enjoy an apple cinnamon scone with a cup of tea because before you know it the wind and the clocks will blow Thanksgiving to your front door with its promise of Christmas with its frosty windows and greyed empty tree limbs. Those are good too but do try to enjoy every one of these beautiful days while you can.


By the way, I decided that January is also a good time to take a vacation and I’m certain won’t get homesick.


Sharon Butler