January 20, 2016

We never really planned to hire a majority of female employees when we started The BonBonerie 33 years ago, but that is how it has remained. With over fifty women of many different ages on our staff, we have celebrated the birth of multiple babies. In fact my partner and I both were pregnant and had children while baking for Cincinnati as did our operations manager and our general manager. Over the past 6 weeks the leader of our cake production team Kristina, had a boy and the leader of our customer service staff Christine is about to have a baby girl. I really can’t begin to count all the births we have celebrated within our walls since our beginning.

We miss these women as they leave to ready their nurseries and consequently to learn a new way of life with their babies. Their co-workers miss their daily contributions getting the work done each day in their departments, but most of the staff has either been there or are planning on heading that direction someday as well. So there is a sense of support and community through showers, food prepared and concern before and after the baby arrives.

In the somewhat physically isolated worlds we live in through internet communication and shopping, I see something to celebrate in what I see in our work community. We give and share our love for the arrival of each new life for the women that work beside us each day, even though that may be the only place we know each other.



Sharon Butler