Cafe Open Friday Saturday Nights

May 28, 2016
Cafe Open Friday Saturday Nights

I guess I was never good at saying no. In fact, when I was a young woman it was part of my philosophy to say yes. The world was so wondrously appealing and I was a willing participant. So it shouldn’t surprise me that I have embraced another unknown. This time in the form of something quite different at The BonBonerie. Beginning next Friday we will begin to open on Fridays and Saturday evenings. It is with encouragement from our energized staff in the Cafe that we feel the time may be right to offer more to our customers.

We have obtained a liquor license and with the expertise of Jason, a new member of our kitchen staff and a knowledgeable wine lover and enthusiast we will be creating some wine and dessert pairings and other in kind experiences to enrich your experience at The BonBonerie. Another new member of our cafe team, Tom, is anxious to bring forth some new depth to our evening menu.

 We look forward to seeing you in what my partner and I say is a “Why not give it a try moment”

Our hope is to offer a great evening experience in addition to what you seem to have enjoyed during the day … Hope to see you next Friday or Saturday. We look forward to your input too. 

Sharon Butler