Christmas in September

September 4, 2019

Christmas in September (BonBonerie minds at work)

I love September. At the BonBonerie it means a lot of planning is happening. We mostly avoid saying “christmas or holiday menu” for at least a few weeks, but it is essential for us to look ahead to decide what we want to make new and exciting for all of you and to also look backwards to know what didn’t work last year. We look closely at the day Christmas falls on because that has a huge impact on what days people will want to pick up their pastries and cookies. Christmas on a Monday is the hardest day to work around as people have a longer weekend which means everything has to be ready on Thursday, Friday and Saturday instead on the usual Christmas Eve which falls on a Sunday. We have learned over the years that staying open on Sunday if it is Christmas Eve is worthless. Everyone just comes in on Saturday no matter what. This year Christmas is on a Tuesday which is good because you will be able to come in on Christmas Eve to pick up your holiday cookies and cakes.


 Another thing to consider is how late Thanksgiving arrives. I never like to rush Thanksgiving either. It’s one of my favorite holidays. My brother who lives in California once invited me to a neighborhood tradition of his that is held a few nights before Thanksgiving. It’s called PIE NIGHT. Friends bring their favorite pie to enjoy without being too full from all that turkey.


 One year I did the same thing for my friends in Cincinnati.  It was fun and without any competition from turkey and stuffing, the pies were enjoyed with a gusto.

 I think this year may be the latest Thursday Thanksgiving can ever fall on which makes our Christmas holiday baking season shorter and your party planning compressed into three weeks instead of four.


Almost no one likes to see pumpkins before October ( unless it’s a pumpkin Latte) and I don’t want you to think about Christmas before the time is closer, but I’m sure the elves have begun making toys and the elves at BonBonerie are busy too.

 ENJOY THE BEAUTIFUL CINCINNATI FALL WEATHER. I won’t remind you about “christmas “  for a long time.



Sharon Butler