Happening so quickly

March 13, 2020

Everything has been happening so quickly. We have had to make important decisions with regards to how to serve our staff and our valued customers in the safest manner for the near future.

First we want you to know that because we are regularly inspected by the Board of Health that our health practices are always in place, but we have added additional measures in the BonBonerie Cafe and Bakery to minimize the possibility of contamination from the Covid 19 virus. We are vigilant applying additional sanitizing methods to protect everyone’s health.

For now, we will continue to be open for business, but may implement a slight change to our hours if necessary.

We have put a few new ideas on the table to continue to serve you knowing that we must also be responsive to the conditions in our city as things are changing rapidly.


*Starting Monday, we are working on a way to deliver your orders out to you in the bakery parking lot if you do not want to come inside. Please call the bakery number 513-321-3399, ext 2.

*We are also trying to do the same for you in the Cafe, 513-321-3399, ext. 4.

 *In addition, we are working on putting together a home delivery service within restricted zip codes as well. We will let you know via Facebook as we figure out the details.


Eating well and having a lovely treat now and then may make the time pass more quickly as we wait for this challenging time to pass. 


Thanks from all of us at BonBonerie.