I Love January!!!

January 7, 2016
I Love January!!!

I love January. The grey skies and cold weather appeal to me. I want to turn on the oven and look at cookbooks sitting at my kitchen table. It is also my birthday month, which I share with my brother and my son. Peter, my brother, was born two days and three years after me. Sometimes we would be asked to share a cake and the festivities for practical reasons, which meant one of us would choose what we would have for supper, the other would decide what kind of cake we would have. In January UDF used to make vanilla ice-cream balls rolled in coconut with a candle and a holly leaf on top. I loved the idea of eating ice-cream with a lit candle in the center and would try to keep the flame alive until I put the last spoonful of cold vanilla ice cream to my lips. My other choice in cakes was always angel food cake. I loved the name of course as I often dreamed of angels, but the airy cloud like quality and the thin sweet layer of icing that would cover the top and cascade down the sides thrilled me. There were always candles on the top to blow out, but there was never writing on the top. I believe my Mom made it from a mix. That meant homemade in our house. Right out of the oven, my mother would turn it upside down on top of a coke bottle to maintain maximum height until it cooled. I just loved that part too. It appeared to be floating. Perfect.

Birthday cakes really matter to me. As one of the owners of The BonBonerie you could imagine that my birthday cake options were endless. But if it was possible, I would always opt for a cake my son Evan would make. I was happy with a cake mix as long as he made it and iced it himself and it was brought into the table accompanied by the Happy Birthday song.

As far as my son is concerned, his preference for a birthday cake usually came in the form of an ice-cream cake. Isn’t that always the way.

I feel lucky to begin each year with my birthday. A sweet optimism stirs in me for what is about to unfold.


Sharon Butler