I Love Lemon!!!

May 4, 2015
I Love Lemon!!!

Whenever someone mentions dessert and one of the words is lemon, my Mom always says the same thing, “I love lemon!”  Everyone who works at The BonBonerie can probably verify that. As a child growing up in Scarsdale New York, she told me stories of how on her birthday she could choose her birthday cake. On her birthday, which is May 16th, my Mom, her father and Mother as well as her cousins would drive down to Fordham where her Aunt Minn would have made her birthday cake. It was always either a black cake (New York code for chocolate) with lemon frosting or a maraschino cherry cake.

Once I attempted to make a replica of that black cake with lemon frosting ( no recipe existed ) for her birthday,  but the memory of perfection that lived in her head and taste buds never met the tartness factor that her Aunt Minn had achieved. She will often ask me to bring her  a few of our lemon squares. They have never disappointed her. I imagine it has do with all those lemons we squeeze and zest each week for every batch. Perhaps we are unwittingly creating a few of those same kinds of people who in the future may also be hard to please when it comes to the taste of lemon bars. We have vowed to never take them off the menu because so many of you also “love lemon”.


Sharon Butler