I Love Valentine's Day!

February 9, 2018
I Love Valentine's Day!

I absolutely LOVE Valentine’s day!! On a very cold grey morning last week, while eating my hot oatmeal, I stared at the large cylindrical empty cardboard oatmeal container and a flood of memories filled my early morning dreaminess. I started to remember the anticipation I had for Valentine ’s Day, especially in grade school.  At St. Vivian’s it was each child’s job to decorate a container that would be perched on the edge of your desktop as a receptacle for the special delivery that would commence during the Valentine’s  day party.

 Someone’s mother would provide homemade pink cupcakes and there were plenty of the sweet chalky valentine conversation hearts and tiny red hot cinnamon hearts for everyone.

The real excitement of the party however, revolved around with the valentine delivery train.  All forty or so of my classmates would line up after our teachers prompt. We held our brown paper lunch bags full of hand signed paper valentines which had been carefully signed and sealed the night before. Some of them carried anonymous messages for a special crush. It was such a relief to be able to deliver the sentiment of affection without facing the fear of rejection.

And oh what a thrill it was later to open up that hand decorated treasure chest. Who loved you from afar ? Were there any messages that needed to be tracked down with a penmanship trace? It was a sweet innocent time but it also provided a tiny window into a world of love’s intrigue that would arrive many years down the road.

So that very morning I ate the last bowl of oatmeal from that carton, I brought that empty box to the counter at the BonBonerie, hoping there would be someone there willing to decorate it. I asked Lee if she was interested in helping me out with my project and she gladly accepted the challenge. It far exceeded my wishes and presently decorates the counter at the bakery with pink and red whimsy, just like the boxes of my grade school memory. It is not too late if you want to drop off a Valentine for your favorite person there. Lee also made one in the Cafe to provide a mailbox for your sweethearts there as well.

I like small ideas that turn into great joy….. Valentine’s Day triumphs with that mission.


Sharon Butler