Keith and the Salted Caramel Cupcake

August 7, 2021
Salted Caramel Cupcake

I have really enjoyed reading the articles that our new food writer for the Cincinnati Enquirer, Keith Pandolfi, has written since he took over for Polly Campbell. His perspective of Cincinnati after having lived and worked in other wonderful cities has provided us with a way to look at ourselves anew through a native son’s eyes. He’s so adept at folding his memories around a 2021 Cincinnati reality. I really appreciate that insight.


All culinary experiences can’t live up to fond memories, however. For me it’s the fresh cotton candy made at Coney Island. I can still smell it as the pink cloud of spun sugar attached itself to the white paper cone. Oh, how it melted so ethereally into my mouth, every bite was a bite of sugary ecstasy and the only other place that pale shade of pink could be found was in the summer clouds as the sun was going down. Pre-bagged cotton candy just doesn’t cut it. How about the way cherry popsicles tasted in the summer, especially the ones you had to break down the middle to share? That brand doesn’t exist anymore, but that cherry popsicle tasted exactly like I still want all cherry popsicles or iceballs to taste. Alas, I have yet to find its equal and no one shares their popsicle anymore. Everyone has to have their own, even though negotiating which one to give and which one to keep was part of the fun. I tasted a candy cigarette the other day. To my delight, it still had that chalky delicate mint taste and yes, it also had a red tip on one end. I pretended to smoke them as a kid, just like my Dad. I would even light one with a match to complete the fantasy. No wonder those are not on the kids’ eye shelf at the grocery store anymore.


Back to Keith Pandolfi. The other day he wrote about the favorite things he had eaten in Cincinnati in June. The last paragraph mentioned our salted caramel cupcakes that a neighbor shared with him and went on to describe how his daughter had enthusiastically stolen it from him after he enjoyed only a few bites. He mentioned that even though BonBonerie had been around since 1983, that indeed we still matter and he was looking forward to a visit. I do hope he does come by to see what we’re doing here. All our dear customers already know why we matter. I think that’s why we’re still here. Beautiful and Delicious is still our motto! 



Sharon Butler