Leap Year

February 20, 2024
all the things

I love that this year is a leap year.


Many ancient cultures created ways to keep track of the passing of time. Over 2000 years ago a calculation was made that added an extra day to our calendars every 4 years to keep our seasons in sync. Those six hours each year add up to a very important 24-hour day. Thank goodness someone thought of correcting that natural misstep, otherwise, we would probably be experiencing summer in February here. Knowing what to expect each season is a reason to celebrate. I have always appreciated living in the Midwest.  The seasons reveal the passage of time. They bring me hope that change will come, which means we will eventually see our favorite season arrive. I actually like winter; cooking long roasted meals in the oven, wearing furry hats and waiting a little too long to get out of my car because of my heated seats.  AAAAHHHHH. How about the big clear blue skies and the ability to look deeply into silhouetted woods or the sighting of a murmuration of starlings at sunset. I think winter is wondrous, but I also love knowing it will end and what’s to follow.


In the next few months, we are leaping into a rapid series of cultural and natural events. It began with Fat Tuesday, the next day was Valentines Day which was shared with Ash Wednesday and in two short weeks we will be witnessing February the 29th, leap year day. Not much time will pass before St. Patrick’s Day arrives, which is just two short weeks before Easter.  Then the fantastic full eclipse of the sun will arrive and shadow our city on April 8th. My head is spinning with excitement.  This is the first time Cincinnati will be witnessing the entire solar eclipse since 1806. The next one in Ohio will be in the year 2099.


When Christine was planning the spring menus last week, we realized our entire staff would have to remain nimble and resilient to give each and every coming event the attention it deserved. Making pastries that honor their importance is at the core of what we love to do. So, when you look at our menu over the next few months, take this years’ time frame into consideration as you look for your favorites to be made. Some of them will have to leap into next year’s menu for a lack of enough time to make them all.


 Time to leap into an exciting 2024. There’ll be a lot to enjoy.