May Days...

May 5, 2014
May Days...

May hearkens so much joy in our city. It’s as if we‘ve been waiting all year for this month to have our party. The weather is usually magnificent. It is hard to imagine anywhere more dynamic and beautiful than the Midwest in May. Wildflowers erupt, the color of green is incomparable to any other time of year and between all the baby birds and rabbits, it’s easy to see life renewed daily.

May 16th is my Mother’s 90th birthday. So we are celebrating along with you. Graduations from so many great schools across the city are often recognized with a beautiful cake to share as are weddings, showers and first communions. Those transitions to the unknown are recognized by bringing friends and family together at feasts across the city to honor accomplishments and to wish them well.

These are extraordinary events in our lives and we plan our menu hoping to help you celebrate with extraordinary pastries, beautiful cakes and cookies.

We can personalize almost anything with salutations of Congratulations, logos or using the colors of your favorite schools on a custom cookie.

Every business has their time. May in Cincinnati is ours and we hope to compliment all the accomplishments that your families have achieved with what we create.

Look for us on Fountain Square every Tuesday and for the rest of the summer. Holly can bring down your favorites to be picked up on the square if you give us a call ahead of time.