Month of Love

October 5, 2015
Month of Love

Birthday months
If you are born in September or October, you don’t have to go far to find someone else who shares your birthday. Over the years we have noticed a pattern and came to a few conclusions.
Who doesn’t feel a sense of warmth and affection during December? What’s better than to try to start all over again with New Years resolution on January second. When the long dark days of January arrive, having someone to snuggle up with makes a lot of sense. Then of course comes the apex of all love fests, Valentines Day .
So if you count 40 weeks, which is the gestation period of humans, from any of these wonderful holidays or circumstances, it is easy to see why we eat so much cake and blow out so many
candles in September and October. It’s just a theory. But if you need a cake to celebrate the birthday of one of these LOVE children, let us know. We have the cakes you will love.

Sharon Butler