Moon Landing

July 21, 2019
moon landing

         This afternoon while rearranging the displays in the front of the BonBonerie, I looked into the bakery case and was delighted and surprised at what I saw. Our exceedingly imaginative and talented decorators from the cookie department took it upon themselves to create a few trays of cookies to commemorate the 50th Anniversary of the Moon Landing. Placed in a prominent spot  sat a small tray of  moons, lying side by side, a hint of shimmering light and the American flag proudly placed right in the center of each cratered surface. I just loved its simple and thrilling homage to this weekend’s commemoration. It also brought back my memories of that night.



            Yes I was quite alive when men landed on the moon.  It was a warm summer evening. We had no air-conditioning. I can still remember family members sitting in front of our only TV set while the cool air and whirrrr of the cossack fan filled the family room. We gathered to witness history and sat in quiet wonder. It was as if we were all children and the magic thing that we had once wished for had actually come true.  There before our eyes was a man stepping onto the moon!!!!!!  Someone had dreamed a dream so BIG and they let their dream belong to us too.


            I know the moon was shining bright that night. There wasn’t a cloud in the sky either. After the excitement of those first moments subsided, I couldn’t wait to get on my bicycle and ride around on our dark suburban street. I remember looking up at the moon and then at the lights coming from inside our neighbor’s houses. I had never seen Pinemeadow Lane so still. There wasn’t a person or a car moving anywhere, but how could there be when the greatest show on and off the earth was playing right in our living rooms?


            Even as a young child I was always seduced by the moon. That night I needed to stare at the actual moon from my place here on earth, thinking that from that moment on, my imaginations of what the moon was like could be different somehow. I wasn’t sure if it might be diminished because the mystery was gone.  As the summer wore on I realized that was not to be true. The moon and its ever changing shape and light continued to surprise me as it  played hide and seek with its  random disappearance behind clouds or its arrival in the morning sky as slight as an eyelash or as full as a translucent globe. 


            The moon still maintains its effect on me and on our entire planet whether its underfoot or we are under its spell.




Sharon Butler