New Boxes and a New Look

May 6, 2021
New Boxes

Everyone I know has been disappointed in some way over the past year by not being able to get something that, in pre-pandemic days, was a simple trip to the store. This was a real life lesson in supply chain economics and what it means to everyday life. All our supply chains have been  interrupted, including BonBonerie’s.


            We loved our iconic pink boxes. I actually cannot remember when we started printing them, but I remember the process: the hours going back and forth with the box company choosing colors, deciding where our logo was to be placed, even what color the interior would be was a decision that had to be made. Once that decision was finalized, it was an expensive commitment, but it was worth it. I know this is true because while taking pastries to friends around the country, I have been stopped on numerous occasions in airports by people who recognized our box and complimented me on our products. That was a great feeling.


            Many months ago, when our box maker and distributor notified us that they would no longer make our boxes for numerous reasons, we were stunned. Can’t anything just remain the same and good after this dreadful year, I thought. After the initial shock, we began a search. Every place without fail made sure to tell us that life was going to be different for us in the bakery business. There was a worldwide shortage of everything, including bakery boxes.


            Then the ‘one door closes and another one opens’ theory of life knocked on our door! We have been purchasing our golden trays for our Martha boxes for at least twenty years from Paper Products, a Cincinnati family-owned business under the caring hand of Dennis Smith. They had to move a few years ago to make way for a park in lower Price Hill and moved to a new location north of the city. They invited our general manager Tracy and me to view their new production facility and offered us an opportunity to see what they were capable of doing for us. Denny Smith, son of Dennis, is head designer and worked tirelessly to make us happy. We were astonished at what they were capable of doing. We opened our minds to what was new, and found a box even more complimentary to our products. This time change came and it was for the better.


            We got a call last week that our new boxes are finally ready, just in time for Mother’s Day! We hope you enjoy the picture window on top so you can see your bejeweled pastries waiting in your boxes.


Sharon Butler