Reopening-New Hours

June 11, 2020

Reopening Date Decided 

For all the years I have been involved in the food industry, I never knew that the word restaurant comes from the Latin “restaurare”, to renew.  It makes so much sense why most of us yearn to go back to our favorite restaurants. Even though some of us enjoy cooking and are pretty good at it, the idea of going to a restaurant, sitting down at our favorite table, being greeted by a friendly face, ordering a cocktail, then ordering whatever culinary creation strikes our fancy is often the best thing that can happen to us in an entire week. Without a doubt, we are all in need of some serious restaurant renewal these days.

 On Monday , June 15th, we will be reopening the Bakery and Cafe  so that you will be able to come in to enjoy breakfast, lunch or afternoon tea in the Cafe or in the Garden that leads up to the bakery. ( Of course we will have things set up according to the Corona Code for everyone’s safety).

 The Bakery will also be open ( 3 customers at a time) and you will again be able to come in and choose what inspires you from our bakery cases.

 We have discovered that many of you really appreciate our curbside delivery and we are working on the details of how to continue curbside as well welcoming you into the bakery if you choose to. We are certain to have those details figured out by Monday and post them on Facebook.

 Our newly adjusted hours will be from 10 in the morning til 4 in the afternoon Monday thru Saturday.

  As Holly at the Bakery would say “We look forward to making your day a little sweeter.”


Sharon Butler