Something New

February 11, 2016
Something New

This is a shot of Angela Hurtte, our award winning cookie decorator, who posed for me before giving a live demonstration of some of her techniques at the Retail Bakers Association Conference held on January 31st.

Anytime you do something for a long time, like being in the pastry business for 38 years, you tend to think there may be nothing new under your particular sun. But that is not true as I learned at the Retail Bakers Association Conference that took place at our own Midwest  Culinary Institute on January the 31st. While catching up with many of the reps from various companies we have done business with, I spied a new face, with an innovative looking product.

Even though she was new to me, she had actually been in the business of making wedding cakes for over 30 years. After chatting a bit, she generously shared her bakery horror story that inspired her invention. She was in the process of delivering three wedding cakes when she turned a corner and one of the top layers of one of the wedding cakes slid off and not only ruined the first cake but also took out parts of the two others in her car as it landed. I could relate with some of my own close calls that happened on the way to various weddings. Her disaster motivated her to innovate. With some expertise from her husband, an engineer, she created an elegant system for stacking wedding cakes that would prevent that disaster from ever happening again. The name of her company was Stable Mabel Tiered Cake Systems.

I was excited to see a practical kind of innovation in an industry that mostly celebrates imaginative baking ideas and creative designs.

I Invited her to come to The BonBonerie when she told me she also teaches classes of all sorts.

I was happy to have found an inspired associate who was helping us update.

Thank You Barbara!!


Sharon Butler