Take a look

April 6, 2020
Karls art

Before you were able to take a look at our new and improved hallway that moves you from the Cafe to the Bakery and vise versa, we had to close.  I thought I would send you a sneak peek of what’s down there now waiting for all of us to return.

On the long wall on your right as you head toward the Cafe from the Bakery is a series of photos Karl Dye has taken on his travels. Below is the artist’s statement in his own words.


Karl Dye is a sculptor and photographer living in Cincinnati Ohio.

After a career in commercial video production and post production, I started producing non-commercial art late in life. My main focus is art furniture, a combination of sculpture and (loosely ) functional pieces followed by sculpture. I have a studio in the bad part of OTR which includes a wood working shop and a metal working shop. I hope you enjoy seeing these photographs as much as I did making them.

The impulse to create is inherent in all of us. Babies delight in smearing their food on the table to create an image. Boys and girls draw airplanes, cars and cats on the edges of their school papers. Executives doodle in the margins of reports while pretending to listen to a presentation. Some of us go on to create art in a formal setting. And other talented artists choose to work in an informal setting using markers and spray paint. The impulse to create is part of being human. You can see that expression in an art museum, or wherever an artist chooses to create.



On the wall at the end of the hallway heading up toward the bakery is a series of adorable paintings of cakes and pies. The artist is Katherine Michael. I saw her work for the first time at Thundersky Gallery in Northside during the Leap Year Cake Farm show and couldn’t resist buying all eleven that are hanging on the wall. She lives in Florida and has a very lively and comprehensive website if you are interested in purchasing any of her work. Her work is extremely affordable besides being immensely decorative and fun. Here is her website: