Vote Vote Vote!

October 6, 2020
vote pumpkin


 Last Wednesday night, the KNOW THEATRE performed a stunning tale of one woman’s persistence to achieve her right to vote. Her name was Fannie Lou Hamer. The story took place in the early 1960’s. She lived in rural Mississippi and it was an extremely grueling endeavor to finally accomplish her right to vote. The performance took place in BonBonerie’s parking lot where the audience was seated on milk crates from the bakery or chairs they brought from home. The two performers told Fannie Lou’s story from the raised bed of an old truck cleverly used as a stage. I had never heard of Fannie Lou before. Her story made me shudder to think of what she had gone through. She finally triumphed. KNOW THEATRE has her story posted on their website. It’s worth the read.

Sometimes we think small steps might not matter, but they do. I was proud to have been able to provide a space for this performance in our lot. There was a booth set up by the Greater Cincinnati Voter Collaborative to sign up anyone who has not registered to vote yet too. Two of our staff members have recently become American citizens. On top of their daily jobs, they both worked rigorously to pass the test. Now they both have the right to participate in this democracy to not only reap all the benefits but to fulfill their civic obligations. One is from Germany and the other from Bulgaria.

Here at BonBonerie, our cookie decorators have added a little reminder written across our decorated cookies that just say VOTE. It’s a small reminder for all of us not to take this privilege for granted.


Know Theatre:

Greater Cincinnati Voter Collaborative:

Sharon Butler