Waitress, The Play

January 15, 2018
Waitress, The Play

I went to see Waitress tonight at The Aronoff Theatre. I had seen the movie and I loved it , but I had to see the play too. I love musicals. I love theatre. I have acted in numerous plays in high school and college. There was a time when I thought that was what I would do with my life. One summer I even drove to Phoenix, Arizona, having responded to an opportunity to become the summer wardrobe mistress, wig fixer and all around gopher at The Sombrero Playhouse. I enjoyed the experience, even worked with the actress Marsha Mason and a young Francis Ford Coppola who directed one of the plays, but after the summer was over I felt the theater wasn’t the best place for a career for me.

But lately I think about writing a play. I know it would be about what I have witnessed at The BonBonerie. There are so many stories to tell from in front of and from behind the counter. Watching Jenna, the main character in Waitress, create her pies with great skill and also with emotional purpose brought tears to my eyes. I have always known how important it is to make food from your heart and soul. People actually do taste the hand that made what they are eating. Sometimes they don’t, but they often notice the tiniest changes. Most of you know when your molasses cookie tastes a tad different. Could it be that Heather was on vacation? Did we get a different sugar by mistake? Is the oven running 25 degrees cooler and needs to be recalibrated? You love molasses cookies because they are perfect. Heather sees to it as do the other bakers and decorators working throughout the bakery to make what you enjoy with great care.

I went to visit a friend in Salem, Oregon while we were closed. It’s a beautiful place even in the often pouring rain. I ate wonderful food and pastries too, but I didn’t find anything quite like the BonBonerie. For me and hopefully for my customers the BonBonerie is more than the sum of its parts. It will be thirty five years in April that we will be celebrating the tens of thousands of peoples lives we have served. We have become a significant part in how many of you celebrate, how you mourn, how you take care of yourselves and each other. It is demonstrated every day with a birthday cake here, a special after school treat there or a quiet break from a stress filled day and a classic scone and a cup of tea. You are so generous to your loved ones and order pastries and cookies daily to demonstrate that affection. Many of you even demonstrated your affection for us with gifts and cards during the holiday and we are so grateful.

When I get a chance, I will try to tell those stories, because like the characters in Waitress we are moved by the simple yet beautiful things that we make and are made for us each day. I always say “the doilies matter” and so does the hand and the heart. 
Happy New Year!! I look forward to seeing what happens next.

Sharon Butler