Christmas Cutouts 2016

Posted on: December 2, 2016

This year we have selected some special cutout cookies for you. We have our traditional Christmas tree and our Jolly Santa. We have created a new wintry snowglobe for you and a snowy owl this year too! We hope you and  your family enjoy them as much as we do!

Ron Coleman
Date: on December 21, 2016

My customers are power plants located along the Ohio River. I brought holiday trays in to the plant located in Rockport, IN, just over the river from Owensboro, KY. All day everyone doted over how delicious and pretty the cookies were. I told them they were from the best bakery in Cincinnati and they were lucky to receive this treat. One employee commented that "I used to run a bakery, and I am extremely impressed". Bring us more!!

Date: on December 7, 2016

Looking delish!

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