Confessions of a Bakery Tourist

Posted on: April 12, 2016
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Whenever and wherever I travel I am compelled to seek out pastry shops and bakeries. We will be on our way to a play or museum and if I pass a bakery, I will turn to my husband and say,

“I will just be a minute.”. Then I will run over to take a peek and often purchase something. I will usually drag that box or bag around for the rest of the day, or until we consume it. Our hotel room is usually scattered with nascent bags of good and bad things I needed to try.


I have accumulated thousands of pictures from my travels of cookies, cakes and pastries. Once while sitting at picturesque fountain in the Luxembourg Gardens in Paris, I spent an hour photographing a dozen different pastries as if it were a food shoot for Bon Appetit Magazine. If they were beautiful and delicious, I wanted to remember the details.


When returning from my travels, I often bring back carefully packaged cookies, pastries or breads to inspire our staff or to just compare ourselves to the world at large. We will have a “show and tell” and bakers and decorators will gather round for the taste and visual experience.

Recently walking back to our hotel, after seeing a play on Broadway, we happened upon The Cake Boss’s Shop inTimes Square. It was almost 11PM. There was still a line out the door and I didn’t want to wait to buy anything, but I did take a picture of myself with Buddy’s likeness.

When I see people photographing the BonBonerie, I hope that they are feeling the same way I do on my travels. Bakeries are one of the few places left that we actually get to see people creating on a daily basis. I am thrilled to think they feel the same way I do about what we create.


Sharon Butler


Bonnie Jeanne Speeg
Date: on April 26, 2016

I'm not sure if Sharon Butler is the co-owner of Bonbonnerie, it's only implied in the closing of the article. If so, in spite of other new-trend bakers, bakeries, etc. opening up in Cincinnati; Bonbonnerie is still my 'go to' place. (new-comer customers with nose to cake case ask 'which is your best, which one is really good'. I am amused, good heavens, there's nothing not 'good' at Bonbonnerie! ;-) So, yes...I'm a travelling person, absolutely full of wonderlust..and I've enjoyed tiny little wonderful places in Greece, Macdonia, Switzerland (don't get me started)...and tons of out of the way places in the US continent that have given me social treats as well as cakes and the local folks are there and talk up whatever there is to talk about. High end and low end, I love them all. (and how many photos can one take of an apple tart? thousands). Thank you.

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