You may faint...

Posted on: July 18, 2015
Tags: Monthly News, midwest, Cincinnati, tradition

Tiramisu ….. People swoon over the idea. But I do believe that our tiramisu may make you faint. In Italy, it is a compliment to say something tastes exactly as it was made 100 years ago. No changes, no personal inspiration. In this instance I think that is why you will  enjoy this wonderful dessert. I give all the credit to Lisa Lanzalotta, who worked here for many years. She shared this recipe with us from her talented Italian family. Tiramisu is translated as "pick me up”. Starting with a layer of soft spongecake, a blend of coffee liquor and espresso are brushed on this layer (there’s the pick me up part) then dark chocolate, mascarpone cheese and finally just the right amount of whipped cream finishes the top. You may want to pick one up today.  

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