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"Master Baker"

Posted on: February 19, 2016
Tags: Monthly News, Events, scones, midwest, afternoon tea, Cincinnati
You may wonder who Iain Traughton is. The fourth year we were in business he came knocking at our humble door over on McMillan Avenue and wondered if we needed any help. He was all of 18, freshly arrived from Manchester, England with a smile and confidence read more …

Bountiful Midwest

October is now part of the great extended end of year progressive party. For so many, Halloween is the best excuse for a party of the entire year. And we all know that just watching football is a reason to party. From grade school to the professionals we all read more …

Bounty of Summer

There is such a bounty of beautiful produce this year in our farmers markets. The corn is so sweet. It is almost like a dessert. We do offer another option, however, for dessert which would be a marriage of summer fruit like peaches and raspberries with a read more …

August 2013

Posted on: July 30, 2013
Tags: august, scones, caramel nut bars, brownies
Augsut 2013   There is a lot of planning that starts to happen within the bakery in August. What events shall we plan for the Fall? What new dessert ideas  should we incorporate into our menu? What should we keep? As the bounty of summer food read more …