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Hello Frankie!

Posted on: June 13, 2016
Tags: Monthly News, Holiday, midwest, torte, Cincinnati
It’s time to bring back our delicious chocolate peanut butter torte. Rich chocolate cake is layered with a light & fluffy peanut butter filling. We ice it in our fabulous peanut butter buttercream, enrobe it in a deep chocolate glaze, and finish it read more …

It's all in the details!

Posted on: March 21, 2016
Tags: Monthly News, Holiday, august, midwest, torte
Easter is one of the great family holidays. As we often go our separate ways, Easter brings us to the table. What better way to celebrate the end of a great meal with one of our beautiful and delicious tortes. One of the traditions we honor again this year is read more …

Month of Love

Posted on: October 5, 2015
Tags: Monthly News, midwest, torte, birthdays, Cincinnati, tradition, holidays
Birthday monthsIf you are born in September or October, you don’t have to go far to find someone else who shares your birthday. Over the years we have noticed a pattern and came to a few conclusions.Who doesn’t feel a sense of warmth and affection read more …

Yelp Event

Posted on: September 25, 2015
Tags: Monthly News, cafe, midwest, torte, birthdays, Cincinnati, classes
Our Yelp elites got a once in a lifetime opportunity to go behind the scenes at THE one and only The Bonbonerie to see how they make their legendary Opera Cream Cake from start to finish. Check out all the five star reviews read more …

Best and most Fun Assistant

Posted on: September 23, 2015
Tags: Holiday, midwest, torte, birthdays, Cincinnati, tradition
My niece turned 40 today. I can remember everything about her birth and childhood. She is my older sister’s first child and the first baby I really ever met. I was crazy about her and tried to get my sister to let her spend as much time as possible with read more …

Coney Island??

Posted on: August 18, 2015
Tags: august, cafe, midwest, torte, Cincinnati, tradition
Today Erin Powell, one of our service people at the counter , had a customer  inquire if there was a story behind the Coney Island heart cookie. She had ordered many dozen of them for a party she was throwing. It made me smile to think that someone was read more …

Guest Baker

Posted on: June 16, 2015
Tags: Monthly News, cafe, midwest, torte, birthdays, Cincinnati, Art
Guest Chef   Today I was bustling around upstairs in the bakery. When the seasons change it is my joy and job to decorate the store. I enjoy doing it and I think it matters to create the right environment to enjoy pastries. All the work that our bakers read more …

Where did the Opera Cream come from?

Posted on: June 14, 2015
Tags: Monthly News, Holiday, midwest, torte, Cincinnati, hours
The Opera Cream    People have often asked me where the inspiration and recipe for the opera cream cake came from. It is such an iconic part of our bakery. It’s a bit of a long story that starts with my Dad. My Dad died when he was 48 and I read more …

Thanks Mom

Posted on: May 10, 2015
Tags: Monthly News, Holiday, Events, midwest, brunch, torte, afternoon tea, Cincinnati
I want to share with you a very beautiful thing that my mother has done for me. She not only loved beautiful dishes but she also served special meals throughout the year for family and friends on that same Bavarian china. The entire place setting was moonlike read more …

I Love Lemon!!!

Posted on: May 4, 2015
Tags: Monthly News, pies, cafe, midwest, torte, Cincinnati, tradition
Whenever someone mentions dessert and one of the words is lemon, my Mom always says the same thing, “I love lemon!”  Everyone who works at The BonBonerie can probably verify that. As a child growing up in Scarsdale New York, she told me read more …

Spring is almost Here!

Posted on: March 19, 2015
Tags: Monthly News, Holiday, cafe, midwest, torte, Cincinnati, Art

Our master decorator ,Debra, is putting the finishing touches on a spring party cake. Doesn't spring give us the most beautiful flowers and whimsical bugs?
Imagine a smaller version as a centerpiece for a christening or shower.

read more …

Celebration of Optimism

Posted on: February 2, 2015
Tags: Monthly News, Holiday, Events, cafe, midwest, torte, Cincinnati
I think Valentine’s Day is a celebration of optimism. Not just for the possibility of love, but of life. I see the vague glow of pink and red coming from an aisle in my local pharmacy or grocery store and I can’t resist taking a walk over there read more …

Give our hand a chance

Posted on: November 4, 2014
Tags: Monthly News, Events, fall, pies, cafe, midwest, torte, Cincinnati, tradition, holidays
            This is the month when pie finally gets the center stage it deserves. I have judged many pie contests. What I learned from that experience is that making a pie is one of the best judges of the real mettle of a read more …

Bounty of Summer

There is such a bounty of beautiful produce this year in our farmers markets. The corn is so sweet. It is almost like a dessert. We do offer another option, however, for dessert which would be a marriage of summer fruit like peaches and raspberries with a read more …

Calling all Artists!!

BONBONERIE’S        COLORING BOOK     read more …

Lazy Days of Summer

Oh the lazy days of summer! Many of us still think of the summer as a time to vacation. Even at The BonBonerie, we begin planning our staff lists to take turns to vacation as the last trays of graduation caps and diploma cookies are being finished. Our city read more …


For a person who enjoys change, there is no better season or holiday for me than spring and Easter in theMidwest. Everything is dynamic. It almost feels like magic. You go to sleep and when you awaken you could be dusted with pale pink pear blossom petals on read more …

Cincinnati Magazine!!!

Posted on: March 7, 2014
Tags: Monthly News, Events, cafe, midwest, torte, birthdays, Cincinnati, tradition

Here is our article in Cincinnati Magazine!! They chose to feature our Opera Cream Torte...yay!! Thank you so much for 30 years of love and support!!

read more …

St. Patrick's Day!!!

Saint Patricks Day has a special meaning for our business for 2 reasons; my partner Mary Patricia Sullivan Pace was born on Saint Patricks Day and has developed a keen sense for celebrating that day ever since. Reason two relates to my memory of the St. read more …

New Year's Resolutions

Posted on: January 1, 2014
Tags: Holiday, cafe, midwest, torte, birthdays, afternoon tea, Cincinnati, tradition
 I actually love the new year and making new years resolutions, especially for The BonBonerie. Each year I make lists for months of what I want to accomplish here in the new  year or revisit those I didn’t have enough time to do in the read more …

It's Here, It's Here!!

Posted on: December 1, 2013
Tags: Holiday, midwest, torte, Cincinnati, Tea Party, Christmas, cookies, gingerbread, tradition
It’s here ......It’s here.......Almost like children, we get excited about the Christmas holidays too. What do our customers want this year? Does the yule log need another mushroom? What should we do about the decoration on the Holiday Opera Cream read more …

Pie Before Thanksgiving

Posted on: November 1, 2013
Tags: Holiday, pies, midwest, torte, Cincinnati
It’s always the same. September arrives and before you know it…. it’s November. So it is true again. November is a great month. It’s shorter than others, there is a certain quiet following Halloween and we know what is just around the read more …

Fall Makes Me Smile

I just love Fall. I always have. Just seeing the color orange and golden yellow makes me happy because I know what is coming up. Fall evokes a renewed sense of community. We eat meals together; gather in places that are warm or around fires. We eat more and read more …

September 3, 2013

Posted on: September 3, 2013
Tags: fall, pies, cafe, midwest, brioche, brunch, torte, birthdays
September...... Whether you like it or not, it represents change and when you live in the midwest, there is nothing subtle about it. The very first week after Labor Day our lives make an adjustment ......from tailgating to picking apples, it’s easy to read more …